17 Benefits Of Using Laravel for Your Web Application

  • Symfony
  • CodeIgniter;
  • CakePHP;
  • Zend;
  • Yii.

What is Laravel?

Wikipedia tells us that this is an open-source (i.e. absolutely free) framework, created by Taylor Otvel, following MVC architecture and is based on Symfony.

Benefits of Laravel PHP framework

1. High security

The main security problems are 2 vulnerabilities: SQL injection and cross-site scripting.

2. Increased productivity. Caching.

Another good reason to choose Laravel is a great web application performance. This is achieved through many tools that increase the speed of generating web pages.

3. Authentication

Laravel provides a pretty advanced user authentication system both through forms and through social networks using OAuth mechanisms.

4. Open source and large community

5. Blade templates

A key feature of Laravel is the use of Blade templates. With it, you can standardize and reuse the same template in different parts of the application. However, the templating engine does not restrict the developer from using native PHP-methods of templating. You can write spaghetti code, although this is not encouraged by the community.

6. Database migration

This technology helps the programmer easily and conveniently change the structure of the database with the ability to roll back the changes in case of an error.

7. MVC architecture

  • controllers
  • view.

8. Object-Oriented libraries

Laravel comes with a lot of pre-installed libraries. One of which is an authentication system. All libraries are very lightweight and user-friendly for developers. Object orientation allows you to reuse code and avoid duplication.

9. Unit tests

When developing web applications of medium and high complexity, the testing problem is especially acute since manual testing takes longer, the more complex the project. Each new feature potentially threatens with bugs, and in the most unexpected places.

10. Promising applications

Due to the wide community, we have a very extensive library of applications written for Laravel and these applications are constantly developed and supported by the authors, regardless of who uses them. Therefore, if you have used any third-party application, it still gives you a certain amount of confidence that it will be updated and developed independently of you and correspond to the most current trends and technologies.

11. Friendly code

12. Multilingualism

Choosing Laravel offers tremendous benefits for projects targeting different language audiences. Your project can be translated into many languages ​​very simply and quickly.

13. Integration with the mail service

The mail service can be used to send automated emails to users. It’s difficult to imagine a site that does not send notifications of registration of new users by email.

14. Errors and exceptions

Ways to deal with errors and exceptions can have a big impact on the usability of the application. The most commonplace for errors to occur is user forms. The system must determine the location of the error and notify the user in time. When creating a new application, Laravel already has configured error and exception handlers and, in addition, the Monolog integrated logging library, in which there are many handlers.

15. The system of deferred tasks

Laravel has a queuing system for long-running processes. Also a convenient API for many different backends for managing these queues. This allows you to postpone the execution of processes that take a long time to not slow down the delivery of pages to the user.

16. Run scheduled tasks

Previously, developers were forced to create a Cron instance for each task on the server. This was a headache because each time it was necessary to enter the server through an ssh connection and run a number of commands. Laravel Command Scheduler allows you to conveniently and flexibly manage the schedule for running periodic commands having only one Cron instance per server.

17. Development speed

Today, every business is looking for the most rapid implementation of new technologies in order to stay afloat and successfully compete in the IT market. Using Laravel helps significantly speed up the production process and realize your ideas as soon as possible.


If you are going to choose Laravel for your project, or hire programmers who use it, you can be completely sure that your web application will be competitive and will meet all expectations. In case you are looking for a Laravel developer — we are experts in this technology and can help you build your product.



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